Sunday, July 29, 2007

Skook News

On tOp of the WORLD

Where to begin? This year has been one endless skook session! Each day is remembered by which paddlers showed up, what crazy sweet steepness the wave brought, and of course by pictures and footy! We've had everything from incredible tides all to ourselves, to packed days being forced to surf the meaty pile for a ride, even a few days when the druman had to work and i had not a sole to surf with... that was the day the seals showed up... check it out:

this is me!
I hear a pod of dolphins are still up the inlet but no sign of them at skooks yet. Here are some pics from the last while - its been fabulous!!


Chris Gragtmans

Spencer Cooke

James Mole

Karl Moser

Big heads UP!! boats are not safe at skook! We have had three taken from the wave. Two of our stolen boats our good buddy Jay found for-sale online... So we got the cops to bust the thief and dru's astro and boogie will be back on the Skook this week!! Thanks so much Jay!! Thanks to Spencer and Chris for leaving dru the loner too!

Jay Clarke

The summer is just starting. Gonna bust out the shortie tomorrow!! We'll keep the skook news coming. Oh and just wait till we blow your mind with some footage. Keep it real yall..

see ya at skook..

PS. the logging issues are far from over in the skookumchuck area. The Friends of Egmont have expressed much gratitude to all the kayakers who sent word of their concerns.

The fight continues! On the Friends of Egmont website there are a list of Brisith Columbian government contacts that you can email your thoughts/concerns to. The more people that fight for the trees the better chance that they will stay standing!!


Brett said...

sick shots. should be back up for the weekend starting friday morning.

-brett from seattle

Sonny said...

Awesome pics, do you have any vids. Was there on Sept07 and saw you guys... sick moves!