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Riot at the Potomac River Festival 2007

The Great Falls of the Potomac River at the MD/VA line. Pictured here is the MD side of the falls where the race was held this year. Senor Finney Photo:

Watch the Potomac Fest Video.

Adam Johnson absolutely rocked it for Riot at the Potomac Fest last weekend. "Riot AJ" made finals in the falls race, the freestyle event, and the boatercross, placing well in all. I think if they had named overall winners of the event Adam would have definitely made top five this year. Good job AJ!
Bryon Dorr Photos

Adam boofs the dickens out of Pummel. Photo by Dr David Finney

On Friday, prior to the festival, the Riot team taught several free, private kayak clinics ranging from strokes and rolls to cartwheels and bow stalls. We were excited to be able to help out so many people with their paddling skills. Thanks to Risa Shimoda for setting up the clinics.

Team Riot as a whole had a huge showing and incredible performance at the Potomac this year. Four of the top twelve placers in the Great Falls Race in the short boat division were Riot team members in Magnums. The top placing junior was 14 year old Danny Doran in a Riot Thunder, and the top placing C-1 was Joe Stumpfel in a Riot Thunder. In the freestyle we had Riot AJ in the Astro 54 place fifth in men's pro and Alan Young placing second in juniors in the Astro 54, followed by Danny Doran in third with the Flair 47.

Additionally, Riot was pleased to be the freestyle event sponsor this year, giving an Astro 58 as a silent auction item. The company is very excited to be supporting our dealers close to the DC area, Appomattox River Company (Midlothian VA) & Starrk Moon, (Delta PA).

We proceeded with Riot Karaoke at the Saturday night party with several happy singers stepping up to the mic. We gave away Mion shoes, IR, Shred Ready and Astral gear and Riot Karaoke Tour t-shirts to all the fabulous contestants. Watch the Potomac Fest Video to see some of the lively karaoke action.

Please enjoy the photos, event results and video from the weekend.

Nathan Silsbee races off of Pummel, the first drop. At 19 years of age, Silsbee is absolutely killing it. He was a top contender at last year's Green Race in the Magnum and has made finals at top events this year including Potomac, Vail, Lyons and more soon! Bryon Dorr Photo

Nathan is also known as Mr Smooth. Dave Finney Photo

Mr big shot Nathan had to go and freewheel the drop since it was so easy for him to run forwards. Dave Finney Photo

Nathan tucks... medicated. Finney Photo.

This was me running Horseshoe drop on a post-race run. Bryon Dorr Photo

Pummel is a really fun waterfall. Photo Mr Captain Macho Man Dave Finney.

Joe Stumpfel is shown here boofing Pummel in the Thunder during his C-1 race victory. Bryon Dorr Photo

Paul Twist from New York caught huge air off Pummel during the race. The Magnum jumped right off the rock with him. Bryon Dorr Photo

Photo by the one and only Dave Finney

Andy Gates is another up-and-comer to keep an eye on. Here is he boofing the dookie out of Pummel Falls. Bryon Dorr Photo

This is Cooper Lambla who is a poetic genius and an amazingly fast paddler, partly due to his long wing span and partly due to his very fast Riot Magnum. Correction: The poetic genius is not directly correlated to the wing span or Magnum, just good genes.

Here are all the Potomac event results from this year with Riot paddlers and boats highlighted.

Men's Short Boat Race Results - Only the top 12 places are shown here

Bib Name Time 1 Time 2 Boat
74 Geoff Calhoun 00:48.60 00:47.38 Nomad 8.5
90 Eric Jackson 00:48.94 00:47.50 Super Hero
110 Jason Beakes 00:47.16 00:48.13 His own/WS
119 Danny Stock 00:50.07 00:48.53 Super Hero
112 Jay Kincaid 00:50.25 00:49.44 Mega Rocker
41 Adam Johnson 00:51.78 00:50.65 Riot Magnum
114 Bryan Kirk 00:51.91 00:51.44 WS Habitat
34 Nathan Silsbee 00:50.84 00:51.77 Riot Magnum
117 Jessie Shimrock 00:51.16 00:53.04 LL Jefe
101 Cooper Lambla 00:51.19 Riot Magnum
102 Billy Murphy 00:52.09 Jefe
36 Spencer Cooke 00:52.25 Riot Magnum

Junior Men's Race Times
56 Danny Doran 01:00.63 Riot Thunder
91 Dane Jackson 01:02.00 Punk Rocker
115 Nathan Sass 01:02.35 Punk Rocker
92 Jason Craig 01:06.40 Punk Rocker

Men’s Long Boat Race Times

Bib Name Time 1 Time 2 Boat
55 Aaron Mann 00:44.56 00:43.47 Excel
74 Geoff Calhoun 00:42.94 00:43.63 T Canyon
90 Eric Jackson 00:46.41 00:44.47 Excel
110 Jason Beakes 00:48.07 00:45.13 Excel
38 Nejc Poberaj 00:47.38 00:45.55 T-Canyon
114 Bryan Kirk 00:46.10 00:47.36 Momentum
119 Danny Stock 00:45.72 00:47.70 Excel
34 Nathan Silsbee 00:47.78 00:49.87 Riot

C-1 Race Times
Bib Name Time 1 Boat
100 Joe Stumpfel 00:56.06 Riot Thunder
49 Alden Bird 00:57.97 Necky Blunt
37 Seth Chapelle 01:08.75 Fluid Solo

Boatercross Results
1) Geoff Calhoun - Dagger
2) Jason Beakes - WS
3) Adam Johnson - Riot
4) Eric Jackson - Jackson
5) Adam VanGrack - ?
Jay Kincaid (DNF) - Jackson

Men’s Freestyle Pro Class Preliminaries
1st Jay Kincaid 535
2nd Bryan Kirk 455
3rd Eric Jackson 445
4th Todd Baker 330
5th Adam Johnson 325 - Astro 54
6th Alex Mohn 305
7th Aaron Reimer 175
8th Joseph Potoczak 165
9th Spencer Cooke 140 - Flair 47
10th Paul Twist 120 - Astro 58

11th Jeremy Laucks 115

Men’s Freestyle Pro Class Finals

1st Jay Kincaid 335
2nd Eric Jackson 320
3rd Bryan Kirk 215
4th Todd Baker 130
5th Adam Johnson 95 - Astro 54

Junior Freestyle Class Results
1st Dane Jackson 300 - Jackson
2nd Alan Young 190 - Astro 54
3rd Danny Doran 130 - Flair 47

4th Jason Craig 120 - Jackson
5th Nathan Sass 115
6th Jordan Poffenberger 60
tie Andy Gates 60 - Astro 54

See the Potomac Fest Web site at

Watch the Potomac Fest Video.


Spencer Cooke, Team Riot

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