Monday, July 16, 2007

Photos of Yore: Chile and Middle Skool USA

Here are some photos from yesteryear. Do you remember the days when cartwheels were still cool but going out? When loops were the hot new move that everyone wanted to learn? The days when aerial freestyle kayaking was sought after but much less prominent than today. Well, here are some photos from that time. Bringin' it back to the middle skool days!

Valley Falls, WV, Center Falls 2003.
Valley Falls, Tygart River, Lower Right Drop 2003.

A slot on the Palguin River, Chile. An absolute classic--crystal blue water, warm temps, and great drops.
Pistola Wave, Futaleufu River, Chile, Early 2004

An unbelievable wave and place. This is one of two places I have traveled which I promised to return to someday. This wave is on what's called the "Bridge to Bridge" section of the Futa. Above there was the short run with a very large rapid called "Terminator" (aptly named), and above that was a long, Class V section of big water rapids called "Inferno Canyon". Additionally, there is a run below the Bridge to Bridge run which has some good rapids. While our group was there, we must have run the Bridge to Bridge section about 25 times in 30 days and it never got dull in the slightest. The other days were spent either running Inferno Canyon, Terminator, or combining two. All in all, an absolutely beautiful place and something to visit if you have the opportunity. The window for when the Futaleufu is prime is late January to mid-march, although that changes a bit from year to year depending on the water.

Adam Johnson at Portage Hole, Potomac MD 2004

See you on the water,

-Adam Johnson

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Great photos! Ya'll are kicking that with style!