Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Quest to Find the West

On the Road to the West. To find the Best of the West. A Quest. I feel Blessed. For the Rest. The Rest my Guest. Is a Dest.

A Destiny. A Contingency. A hows-it-goin-matter-a-fact-no-i'd-rather-be. In California.

The Promised Land. Where Upon the Land. We Learned That We Can.

Live our Dreams.

Please join me on my website, Downstream Movement, to re-live the trip of my life that I just got back from. Here's some random shots of fellow Rioters and I searching for the goods...

Here I am dropping into the first rapid on the Poudre Narrows, CO. Photo by Will Stubblefield.

"Nasty Nate" Silsbee coming in hot on a drop on South Boulder Creek, CO.

Chis GoldenGrahams lining 'er up on the Good Morning Rapid after Sick Camp on the Middle Fork of the Kings, California.

David Finney riding the rapids through the First Gorge on the Clear Creek of the Ark, CO.

Giving 'er the old boof stroke in the midst of some action on South Boulder Creek.

Chris Gottahavemypops on the Big Slide on Day Two of the Middle Kings.

Got plenty more pics, so ya'll stay tuned on Downstream Movement.

Signing off at the confluence of the Middle Fork of the Kings and the South Fork of the Kings, pretty stoked to be there.

-Cooper Lambla

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