Saturday, May 24, 2008

Riot welcomes two new Team Paddlers

Riot Kayaks is proud to announce the addition of two new team paddlers, Patrick Camblin and Karl Moser. Patrick, hailing from Eastern Canada and Karl from the Western US are both extremely accomplished and well known kayakers who Riot welcomes to our family.

Patrick Camblin:

(Patrick styles a fairly handsome hat)

Accredited with: Pioneering combo moves, Being a Buseater local and Traveling the world with a kayak...

Other accolades: Winner of the IR Big Gun Show, Lyon River Festival, Quebec Cup, Buseater Invitational & voted by peers as 'Playa of the Year' (Best freestyle kayaker)

(Patrick, sailin' on in his new Astro)

Other Sponsors: Red Bull, Tribe, h20, Levelsix, Smith, Astral, Snapdragon

(And again, flying in the Astro)

Patrick gave us some words regarding his recent career decision: "I've had 7 amazing years with the good folks over at Liquidlogic. A big thanks to Shane and everyone there for all of their help and support over the years... But times change and people need to move on... Riot is a company from my backyard that i've always admired for their innovations and consistently great boats. I'm stoked to join their already stellar team..."

Patrick's links:

Karl Moser:

(Karl in Africa)

Most folks know Karl through his former association with the Epicocity Project where he co-produced popular kayaking DVDs, Bigger Than Rodeo, Mission Epicocity and the most recent, play-boating instructional video, Amplify. Karl has moved on now to become the head coach at the World Class Kayak Academy. Additionally Karl is organizing other worldly efforts including benefits for kayaking clubs and environmental knowledge growth in countries such as Uganda and China. He has also become a highlighted video producer on Rapid Transit's web site where he plans to broadcast some of his upcoming kayak adventures on video.

After recently placing well in the Best in the West comp in Montana Karl gave us a few words regarding his new Astro 54: "Paddling was sick yesterday! The more time I spend in the Astro the better it paddles. I think it makes me look pretty." (Maybe Karl said that about his photo, not the boat...? Anyway, the photo of you in the boat make's you look pretty Karl!) He went on to further explain that the Astro, "loops big and McNasties well. Now I can't wait to see what she can do at Skook. I'll send you some pics when I get back." So, expect to see a report from Karl when he arrives back from Skook. The guy is amazing on a wave so we will expect some nice action.

(Karl clean-split sequence via Astro at Best in the West comp)

Other Sponsors: NRS, Astral Buoyancy, AT Paddles, Shred Ready, H2o Audio

(Karl loops huge in Astro)

(Karl unwinds a powerful McNasty, courtesty Astro)

Karl's links:

Once again, welcome to these two guys to the Riot team. We will no doubt see great things from both of you.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Waitaha River

Hello, everyone! Just wanted to share a trip report I recently wrote about my first day of Heli-kayaking in New Zealand! You can find the write-up on my website, Downstream Movement. Below is a sample of the visuals taken by Kev England. (Cheers for that Bro!!!)

I ride my bike by a florist every morning on the way to school. They have a chalk board outside that has a couple quotes written on it each day. Today it read..."Sometimes taking the risk is the safest thing to do." Who would've thought a florist could be so inspirational!

The Magnum has proved over and over again to be THE boat of choice to take into the shit. As if it has a "boof on command button," the thing just jumps out of the water. I think salmon were tested in the prototype process.

Again the trip report full of deep thoughts, LOTS more pics, and plenty of entertaining stories can be found at...Downstream Movement. Video footy of the day is featured in my South Island Video at...Rapid Transit Video.

And like a Buttermeleon, I'm OUT!

-Cooper Lambla

Friday, May 16, 2008

Magnum in 3-D!

Hello ladies and germs!
Hope all is going well in the kayaking world. I just finished up a semester of school, and have something exciting to show for it. A 3-D animation!

I imported photos of the Riot Magnum into the program and recreated it as a 3-D model. In addition I made a landscape, waterfall, and kayaker. Here's the video:

A wide angle of the scene

Homeboy close-up

To see more stills from this project and others surf to

good lines good times


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

High Water Ottawa

Recently, the New river Academy headed up to the Ottawa river in search of some big waves. We were hoping to get there right in time for Mini Bus, but instead we got up there and found the water was too high for Mini Bus. This was ok because there was still an epic wave in, Big Bus. This wave is huge! I have been on some big waves, but this one is still intimidating. With a great righty shoulder, going big isn’t too hard. The only hard part of this wave is that it is so fast that getting back up to the top can take some work, but once you do you're in luck for getting some big air.
3 pictures here

going for the panam © Michelle Yates

airscrewing © Michelle Yates

The water began to drop so big bus was getting a little trashy and mini bus wasn’t in yet. We found another wave that was quite as big but was great for working on every move from spins to combs.

Riot's Zach Mitchell going big on a Pistol flip © Michelle Yates

Getting a blunt © Michelle Yates

The on the last day we were up on the Ottawa the water level still was going up and a high water mini bus level came in. this wave even at this supposedly off level was still amazing. Giving up some of the biggest air I’ve ever had or seen. This wave introduces a new challenge however, the tow rope. The entire group had some trouble to start with using the tow rope but eventually people started to get it down to where they could get out every time instead of just face planting on the eddy line every try.
The Ottawa is one of the best play rivers in the world and coming back at high water after only seeing it at low water just proves to me how good it really is. Hopefully I will be able to get up to the Ottawa again sometime when mini bus is in.

See you on the river

Eli Spiegel