Sunday, May 18, 2008

Waitaha River

Hello, everyone! Just wanted to share a trip report I recently wrote about my first day of Heli-kayaking in New Zealand! You can find the write-up on my website, Downstream Movement. Below is a sample of the visuals taken by Kev England. (Cheers for that Bro!!!)

I ride my bike by a florist every morning on the way to school. They have a chalk board outside that has a couple quotes written on it each day. Today it read..."Sometimes taking the risk is the safest thing to do." Who would've thought a florist could be so inspirational!

The Magnum has proved over and over again to be THE boat of choice to take into the shit. As if it has a "boof on command button," the thing just jumps out of the water. I think salmon were tested in the prototype process.

Again the trip report full of deep thoughts, LOTS more pics, and plenty of entertaining stories can be found at...Downstream Movement. Video footy of the day is featured in my South Island Video at...Rapid Transit Video.

And like a Buttermeleon, I'm OUT!

-Cooper Lambla

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