Friday, March 28, 2008

2007 skook stuff

HELLO everyone!

Dru and i had a wicked season on the sunshine coast last year. we got a ton of footage and only lost half of it...this video is made up of what was left over. Quality is not so great this time but its a crazy one! Our camera crew was laine and shana, they're the stars of the show!!

Highlights of '07 were watching the sea lions endlessly devourer fish in the eddy, insane phosphorescence under a full moon, trying to keep the surfers the fu*k away, tracking down stolen kayaks, surfing at first light Christmas day (we were the only ones there?), and just having a great time with everyone coming and going.

Sister Natalie and I. She is in the video too.. and she'll be at skooks a lot this summer :)

Micah and dru. Scary ride down the face.

thanks for checking style it out there....ya hear!!!

ms. emily

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break

boofing cave man pic by Joey Jarrell

Well maybe not that wild, but definitely wet. After givin' her all semester with school and keeping good grades, I was in definite need of a break. Luckily I was able to do some kayaking locally and then got to travel up to Western NC and sample some of their finest. I managed to catch our local classics Johnnies and LRC at good flow. Then I came down with a bad cold and was out of commission for a few days, but recovered in time to meet up with some some friends in NC to get on Big Creek and the Raven Fork.

The Raven Fork is by far an incredible place, and I feel very privileged to have kayaked there. Enjoy the pics:

shot of Headless by Ryan Moore

pic by Joey Jarrell

Launching at Mortal Combat pic by Joey Jarrell

Sam watching me at Mike Tyson's Punchout(I'm the little yellow dot at the top of the picture) pic by Joey Jarrell

It's so easy a caveman can do it!!! pic by Ryan Moore

And here's the video thanks to Ryran:">" />

The Raven Fork from r.moore on Vimeo.

Now it's back to the books!!!

-Charlie Mix

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

winter boating in germany and austria

hi everybody!

it's snowing again!
the word is that it's been the coldest eastern in a hundred years or so around here. AAAHHH!
but there still is hope!
actually we've been out quite a lot!
i've been creeking, playboating, partying, so i won't complain at all!
due to the winter i haven't paddled my magnum for almost four months, and i almost forgot how good it feels! this boat is simply the most predictable and sporty creeker i can imagine.
and the astro is: well, the astro! going huge, stable, comfy...

oh wait, do you wanna hear more?
if i have some pics?



you're welcome!

we spent a night in that car!
rissbach - photo jensklatt

more rissbach - photo jens

roemerfall - photo mathias raabe
same drop, same photographer

washing machine, augsburg, loop paddleswitch
photo micha schomann


dto no PS

hmm, hope that was enough for now! full stories are to be found on
guess i'll go back to the washing machine asap! good to go boating every day again!


Monday, March 24, 2008

New Vid...

Watch Wintertime Creeking Video.

What up all!

So I've been paddling and filming a good bit recently, and finally had the opportunity to sit down and put the footage together. This video includes headcam footage of Big Hungry Creek, the Green at 400%, Raven Fork, as well as other footage of the Horsepasture, Toxaway, and the Valles River in Mexico.

Pat Keller going large south of the border.

Watch the video HERE.

I would like to give a special thank you in this post to the artists that are gracious enough to supply us with such sick music. They are mentioned at the end of the video, but here is the info about each of these artists:

"Another Day"

Big Dro & Zinndeadly ft. Mystic
"Choose One"

I'm pretty fired up about this video, because it sums up in about 8 minutes some of my all-time favourite places to go kayaking. Of particular note on the video are the 2nd and 3rd descents of the left line of the Micos waterfall in Mexico by Pat Keller and Lawrance Simpson(after first d'ing it 2 days earlier). That drop is a sicko twisting slide into about 55 feet of freefall. Very cool. Also, the footage of the Green at 24 inches or 400% is also the same day that Pat and I ran Gorilla at the highest flow I've ever attempted it. For reference, check out the wave that is usually the whale tail rock...

And it's kind of eerie when you just boof right over the top of the Frankenstein Rock.

Anyways, incredible day out there, and my headcam fell off in Go Left, but allowed for us to go for a soul-boating descent of the monkey without any cameras or outside influences involved. I may be wrong, but to my knowledge it's the highest that rapid has been run. It was a really awesome experience.

Well, hope you enjoy the video, and see you on the river sometime soon!

Chris Gragtmans

Friday, March 21, 2008

God Jul from Sweden!!!

This past Christmas I traveled to Sweden (with no plans to go kayaking) to visit my girlfriend and her family in their home town of Orebro, a charming little city about a two hours drive south of the capital of Stockholm.

The Strompis Wave

I was hanging out at local coffee shop next to Orebro's castle along the banks of the Svartan River, and noticed a nice looking wave. I began to wonder if there were any other kayakers in the town, so that night my lovely girlfriend Idamaria got on the internet, found and contacted a local kayaking club, and made plans for me to go paddling the next day with a borrowed Riot Orbit and gear.

The next morning I found my self gearing up next to a castle about to drop into the freezing-ass cold "Strompis Wave" or "Castle Wave" as my non Swedish speaking self called it. It was definitely the coldest weather and water I've ever paddled in. With an air temperature around negative 6 degrees Celsius and the water not too much warmer, every time I flipped I felt like I was going to puke because the brain freeze was so intense. The locals were all laughing at me and seemed unaffected by the cold, but were highly entertained by this southern boy's reactions to it.

McNastying my way to a brain freeze

The wave it self was really good and gave up cartwheels, blunts, and McNasties on both sides, but was a little shallow for loops. The coolest thing about the wave is that it's dam controlled and the club has a key to the dam to adjust the water flow. I'm told there are plans this spring to improve upon the wave by adding an under water ramp that will allow operators to control the size and shape of the wave, and it will also create another feature behind the current one. They hope to have the feature tweaked out enough to host the Euro National Championships sometime in the next couple of years.

Strompis showing how dynamic it can be

Sweden as a whole is a very charming place with nice people, incredible food, good beer, and some of the best espresso I've ever tasted. I highly recommend to people looking for a kayaking location off the beaten path of Europe. A big thanks goes to Dan Lindberg, a very talented professional photographer and president of the Orebro kayaking club and the rest of the highly dedicated club members for lending me a boat and gear and for showing me their local spot. I look forward to going back in the near future!!!

Urban kayaking: European style

For more information on kayaking in Orebro, visit the Orebro kayaking club's website:

*photos are credit of Dan Lindberg

See ya on the water,

-Charlie Mix

New Zealand adventures


I’m new Riot team paddler, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Slovakia. Few days ago I came back from New Zealand. I was there only for 6 weeks but it was an amazing trip.
After two days of traveling we landed in Auckland. We walked out from airport in the morning and we moved straight to Taupo and in the evening we ran one of the most famoust waterfall in New Zealan - the Huka falls. It was a great introduction to New Zealnds whitewater. Next few days we stayed on North island kayaking on Kaituna river and then we moved to West coast of South island. During the long traveling south we stopped on Maruia falls and ran it few times.It is clean 10 metres high waterfall and we enjoyed it a lot.
West coast is one of the best places for kayaking on the world. Great rivers, clean water, challenging and fun rapids, awesome scenery… Only disadvantage is that you should fly on the most of the rivers with helicopter, what is a little expensive but its fun. Our first river on the west coast was Kokatahi. It has continuous class 4-5 rapids and some deep gorges.

Entrance to one of the Kokatahi's deep gorges...

...and one of the rapids in this gorges

Next days we ran other west coast classics like Arahura, Upper Hokitika, Whitcomb, Kakapotahi and many more.

Wanganui river has same sweet drops

Honza running the Viagra falls on Upper Hokitika

Gates of Argonath

After two weeks of paddling on West coast we moved further south to Kawarau river. On this river are well known rapids Nevis Bluff and Citroen. Citroen is fun class 4 bigwater rapid with big waves. Nevis bluff is little bit harder, with flow of 200cumecs and some huge hydraulics it looks very impressive.

Me running the Nevis Bluff

Middle hole on Nevis bluff

Then we moved back to North Island to take part in Wairoa extreme race. It was a cool competition with a great atmosphere. I ran the river first time during the competition so it was very crazy but I ended 7th after Saturday prelims. On Sunday I wasn’t so lucky and I fell out in round 3. To the finals went Kenny Mutton vs. Mike Dawson, and Kenny took the firs place. You can check out the results on

Wairoa extrem race

In New Zealand we traveled a lot, paddled a lot, but first of all we enjoyed it a lot.When I came home I realised that everything I heard about New Zealand is true. It is an awesome country with lots of great whitewater, friedly people and stunning scenery.

See you

Thanks to Honza Lasko and Miro Sukany for the photos

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Summer in Norway

Hi everybody.

Before I start to tell you guys about my great summer in Norway last year, I think it´s a good idea first to introduce myself. I´m in the German Riot Team for one year now and I´m also new to this blog here. My name is Timo K√∂ster, I´m 26 and I live in Germany. Beside kayaking I´m trying to make my way at University, but that´s not that easy when you try to sit in the boat as much as possible ;-). I started paddling about 20 years ago. I´m kind of sitting in a boat my whole life, because my parents are also members in the local kayaking club.

Ok, before it starts getting boring for you, I will show you some pictures of my Norway trip last year. I think Norway is generally one of the greatest places in the world for excellent creeking. Luckily this spot is “only” 10 hours away from where I live. So in the summer time it became something like a “duty” for me to get there. Clear, cold water, slides and tons of waterfalls keeps you always smiling there. Have a look at the pictures and start also planing to get there if you have some time in June or July.

This one isn´t as horrible as it looks

The pool of this drop isn´t realy deep so your boof should work

Beautiful landscape everywhere

This one is the third of the famous 5 Drops on the Store Ula

See you,

Greets Timo

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Southern Boy Goes Further South: Rapid Ridin' in New Zealand!!!

New Zealand. These two words have just always automatically come out of my mouth whenever anyone has ever asked me where in the world is Carmen Sandiego. No, wait...when they ask me where in the world, if I could go anywhere, I'd like to go. Yeah, that's right, Carmen Sandiego might be in New Zealand as well, but that just rolled off the tongue too well not to write. That was an amazing show, by the way. If I had a show called "Where in the World is Cooper Lambla," New Zealand would be the correct answer at the moment. Sadly, my name doesn't have the same ring as Carmen Sandiego, so I'm just going to say, that New Zealand is the JAM!!!

I've been here since New Year's Day, and have been paddling all summer, all over the country. Starting up on the North Island, and working my way south to the South Island throughout the summer, I've been able to get a great taste of what whitewater action New Zealand has to offer. (Click on the map to see a rough idea of my route thus far!) This is the first installment of many, recapping my dream summer vacation, paddling my heart away, in one of the most amazing places in the world...New Zealand.

Walking through the airport with three kayaks is a sure way to get some funny looks. Most people would just stare, and then sputter something like, "You're going to have some fun, aren't you?" "Yes I am!!!" I'd reply...and I have!!!! One Boogie, an Astro and a Magnum are a perfect combination of kayaks to bring to a foreign country for a year's study. Whatever condition of paddling arises, you are equipped with the best kayak possible to optimize those conditions!

After landing in Auckland, I immediately headed straight for the closest whitewater...The Kaituna. While not containing the grade V heli-boating that makes New Zealand famous among the creeking crowd, the Kaituna pleases on a whole different level. "Sweet as" playspots, clean drops, warm water, and a great atmosphere are what you get when you take a float trip down the Kaituna. I couldn't have asked for anything better to start off my summer adventure. Here I am boofing the Weir. (Photos by: Wheels)

The Kaituna is most famous for its bigger drop in the middle of the run named Tutea Falls, as well as the Take-out hole, named...The Take-out Hole. (So Original!) Because these features are so amazing and famous, I didn't take any photos of them. The camera did, however, come out below the take-out at a drop called Trout Pool Falls. This is a picture of me running the Falls of the Pool that supposedly has Trout in it. It has an amazingly stout hydraulic at the bottom. Since I brought three kayaks down to New Zealand, I decided to take the one that was most likely throw-down the hardest, if I got caught in the hole at the bottom off this drop...I didn't get caught, and there was no throwing down, I was happy, and there was much rejoicing.

And that was only my first day of paddling in New Zealand!!! There are tons more pictures, even more stories, and then maybe a little video action (coming from Rapid Transit), if you kiddies out there behave! Make sure you keep tuning in here to the Team Riot Blog for more updates as the action moves South to the real goodies!!!

In the mean-time check out a new post I put up on my website, Downstream Movement, for the real story of how a Southern Boy went further south. (There ARE points below the Mason-Dixon line that are further south than THE South, and they aren't even named "The South." I know it's amazing, truly remarkable, and I'm still having a hard time getting over it. I think I'll cope, but we'll see.) (While The South Island does contain the words "The South" in its title, it is not referred to as "The South." Its official nick-name is "The Mainland" therefore still further south than THE South, and still not called "The South.")

Until next time, this has been Cooper Lambla sayin' Kia Ora! from Tutea Falls on the River Kaituna, in NEW ZEALAND!!!! (I still can't believe that I'm actually here!)