Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ohiopyle Falls Festival Wrap Up...

Watch the Ohiopyle Falls Video 2006

Another Ohiopyle Falls Video.
The 2006 eighth annual Ohiopyle Over the Falls Festival proved to be a great success. Hundreds of boaters from all across the nation, along with a few international participants, enjoyed a day of racing, attaining, downriver freestyle, and waterfall running.

Adam during the freestyle competition going for the multi-end freewheel.
Photo By Bob Anderson of SYOTR.com

Don’t forget to check out Zachary Frederick’s website, Class-Sik, for Another Ohiopyle Falls Video.
Watch the Ohiopyle Falls Video 2006 (Dial-Up Users Only)
Check out Bob Anderson’s Ohiopyle Falls Gallery HERE.

Points of Interest:

This year the event had over 200 participants.

Out of those 200 participants, the falls was run about 1,000 times in a single day.

For many, Ohiopyle Falls was their first waterfall.

Dave Fusilli won the Freestyle this year for the second year in a row.

Geoff Calhoun won the “Oliver Cup”, given for being the overall winner in the attainment race as well as the short boat race.

There is a very good chance that Ohiopyle Falls will soon be opened up to paddlers in the Ohiopyle Falls “data base”.

The provisional date for next years Ohiopyle Falls Race is August 25th, 2007.
See the Ohiopyle Falls Festival 2006 Results

For more information about the Ohiopyle Falls Festival, go HERE.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Canada Summer '06

Been pretty immersed in school and work for the last month, but I finally got around to getting the footage from Canada… It was a super sweet trip, and we spent a total of 2 weeks on the St Lawrence, Ottawa, and Gatineau rivers. Dylan Bruce, Matt Woodward, Nick Urquahart and I drove up from Asheville and met Chris Gragtmans at the Gatineau. We then paddled down to High Tension with tents and sleeping bags tied onto the outside of our boats. (And of course the 10%’s). We got 3 days on High Tension and there were tons of people going really big. (The video shows only our group).

The Wavesport guys were there, as well as some guys from British Colombia and a bunch of locals. After High tension came and went, we left for the Ottawa for a couple days, then Lachine, then back to the Ottawa. All in all it was a really sweet trip, and thanks to Gragtmans’ Canadian heritage, everything went very smoothly. Unfortunately the Lachine tape got messed up, so all the footage is from High Tension and McCoys. Enjoy! -Nathan Silsbee

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What I did on my summer vacation.......

Hey everyone, its been a while since I posted, so I figured I'd post an upate as to what ive been up to.

A big part of my paddling career has been spent instructing others. Its probably the thing that makes me proudest of anything I've accomplished in paddling....having had a chance to expose others to the sport of kayaking. I've spent every summer since I was 17 years old teaching kids how to kayak at summer camps. It makes me happy to see the smile on a kid's face the first time he or she gets their first roll, surfs their first wave, or runs their first class III rapid.

Last year I started coaching some local kids in Columbia, SC. These guys and girls are really taking it to the next level, progressing quickly and learing a respect for the river, the environment, and themselves. They are already tearing up the competition scene, winning several medals at surf kayaking events this spring, and poised to try out for the US Surf Kayak team this fall. Its been great to see them do so well (although it irritates me when I teach them a trick and they can immediately do it....and usually do it better than I can!) You can see some of my kids in Enter the Donkey.

The camp I work at in the summer has had a long history of using Riot kayaks in their instructional fleet, and this year we picked up 4 Turbo 47's. Finding boats that fit smaller kids has long been a problem, albeit one that is getting better now that companies are realizing the need for boats that fit smaller paddlers. We had great success with these little Turbos this summer, and the kids loved paddling them. They fit a small paddler very well, and the outfitting is easy to adjust for specific needs. Our kids this summer had a blast in the Turbos, enjoying the fact that they can control these smaller kayaks easily. The Turbo series is known for it's surfing prowess, and these kids were grinning ear to ear as they surfed their first waves this summer. So if you are working with an instructional program, I'd highly suggest looking at the Turbo 47 as an option for smaller paddlers. They can be a bit edgy, but I've found the lighter paddlers have no problem keeping the boat upright.
Here's one of my advanced students, enjoying the Turbo 47

The Orbit 47 is also an excellent boat for a bit larger kids, and its tapered side walls make for a very stable and friendly ride. I often paddle the Orbit 47 myself, though admittedly I am at the top end of the weight range. It is a very predictable kayak that can also do any trick in the book.
One of our head instructors Brice teaching a student in an Orbit 47

Riot has such variety in their line, that there is a boat for every instructional need. This summer, my assistant instructors and myself taught out of Sniper's, Magnum's, and the new Thunder. The great thing about teaching out of Riot boats, is that the backband easily pops out to allow excellent access to the rear of the kayak, making packing and using all the first aid kits, rescue equipment, and logistical supplies that every instructor must carry a snap
Here's one of my assistant instructors, Taylor, and myself, on the Pigeon River.

Not every kayaker is cut out to be a kayaking instructor, but I recommend that if you love to kayak, at some point in your paddling life......try teaching someone else. Theres nothing like the feeling of passing on a love for our sport to someone else. Many cities have charity programs that introduce kids (often at-risk kids) to the sport of kayaking. If you have one of these programs in your city, consider contacting them to see if you can help. I guarantee you that seeing one smile on one kid's face with make any time you donate worth every second.

Monday, September 18, 2006


hello all
These photos pretty much speak for themselves: What an amazing wave Skookumchuck is and what incredibly fUN boats Riot makes. Thanks RIOT!! Thanks SKOOK!!

Emily making the down river moves!

Druman hitting the big righties! (above)
Dru loving the boogie on the green wave, 'sept its black&white! (below)

Emily enjoying the Flair (green boat) and the Air (yellow boat)

Big aerial panam sequence by Mr. Dru Lyall - boooh-ya!!


Emily going right

Big waves rock- the bigger the better, its time to search the world for the best!

Good Clean Fun!!

Headcam from new river in Voss (Norway)

Here is a film clip from one of the rivers we recently discovered in the area around Voss. The river is not very long or difficult, but the continues combination of nice clean drops and smooth slides makes a great trip whenever heavy rain falls over the mountains.
Here you can follow Eirik Ovreeide down the river.
More pictures and videos at vosskajakkklubb.com.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

AUGUST Team Trials 2006

August 2006

After months of non-stop, self inflicted, 12-hour work shifts I was quite overjoyed to be on my way to the Ottawa River for five straight days of paddling the Garberator!! A quick stop in Montreal to get set up at the Riot Factory with a shinny new Flair and it was back to the bus station. Big thank yous to Max for the power seat installation, Vincent for all the running around, taxi calling etc, and of course to Jeff and the rest of the riot team!!

After catching up with the Small Town Boys at Wilderness Tours I hit the river. The first session I spent alone in the eddy at Garb – astonishing! Oh and believe me it did not happen again!! The place was packed with Canadians gearing up for team trials and World-Cup-yahoos hard on the training schedule. We even had some sick night sessions with the feel of movie stars under main stage lighting. It was quite the week on the Ottawa! Competition day came quick. I pleased myself by making it to the finals but finishing Fifth did not quite put me on the Canadian Team. Congrats to all and a job well done to the organizers, any more ahead of schedule and paddlers would have to be there the day before to make their heat!

Just a few pics of the Flair; I must admit this boat proved a little challenging on Garb compared to its performance on a huge green wave (watch for my next blog) I guess I had mini-bus on mind! Till next time….

emily lussin

MLE backstabing the Flair

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Looping Astro

Astro is one of the best loopingboats around. Let the photos do the talking:

Actually, I just wanted everybody to see the first big one =)

Mikael Lantto