Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ohiopyle Falls Festival Wrap Up...

Watch the Ohiopyle Falls Video 2006

Another Ohiopyle Falls Video.
The 2006 eighth annual Ohiopyle Over the Falls Festival proved to be a great success. Hundreds of boaters from all across the nation, along with a few international participants, enjoyed a day of racing, attaining, downriver freestyle, and waterfall running.

Adam during the freestyle competition going for the multi-end freewheel.
Photo By Bob Anderson of SYOTR.com

Don’t forget to check out Zachary Frederick’s website, Class-Sik, for Another Ohiopyle Falls Video.
Watch the Ohiopyle Falls Video 2006 (Dial-Up Users Only)
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Points of Interest:

This year the event had over 200 participants.

Out of those 200 participants, the falls was run about 1,000 times in a single day.

For many, Ohiopyle Falls was their first waterfall.

Dave Fusilli won the Freestyle this year for the second year in a row.

Geoff Calhoun won the “Oliver Cup”, given for being the overall winner in the attainment race as well as the short boat race.

There is a very good chance that Ohiopyle Falls will soon be opened up to paddlers in the Ohiopyle Falls “data base”.

The provisional date for next years Ohiopyle Falls Race is August 25th, 2007.
See the Ohiopyle Falls Festival 2006 Results

For more information about the Ohiopyle Falls Festival, go HERE.

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