Wednesday, September 13, 2006

AUGUST Team Trials 2006

August 2006

After months of non-stop, self inflicted, 12-hour work shifts I was quite overjoyed to be on my way to the Ottawa River for five straight days of paddling the Garberator!! A quick stop in Montreal to get set up at the Riot Factory with a shinny new Flair and it was back to the bus station. Big thank yous to Max for the power seat installation, Vincent for all the running around, taxi calling etc, and of course to Jeff and the rest of the riot team!!

After catching up with the Small Town Boys at Wilderness Tours I hit the river. The first session I spent alone in the eddy at Garb – astonishing! Oh and believe me it did not happen again!! The place was packed with Canadians gearing up for team trials and World-Cup-yahoos hard on the training schedule. We even had some sick night sessions with the feel of movie stars under main stage lighting. It was quite the week on the Ottawa! Competition day came quick. I pleased myself by making it to the finals but finishing Fifth did not quite put me on the Canadian Team. Congrats to all and a job well done to the organizers, any more ahead of schedule and paddlers would have to be there the day before to make their heat!

Just a few pics of the Flair; I must admit this boat proved a little challenging on Garb compared to its performance on a huge green wave (watch for my next blog) I guess I had mini-bus on mind! Till next time….

emily lussin

MLE backstabing the Flair


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Thank you to Jenn from Beachburg and micah lyall from BC for the pictures!!

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