Monday, September 25, 2006

Canada Summer '06

Been pretty immersed in school and work for the last month, but I finally got around to getting the footage from Canada… It was a super sweet trip, and we spent a total of 2 weeks on the St Lawrence, Ottawa, and Gatineau rivers. Dylan Bruce, Matt Woodward, Nick Urquahart and I drove up from Asheville and met Chris Gragtmans at the Gatineau. We then paddled down to High Tension with tents and sleeping bags tied onto the outside of our boats. (And of course the 10%’s). We got 3 days on High Tension and there were tons of people going really big. (The video shows only our group).

The Wavesport guys were there, as well as some guys from British Colombia and a bunch of locals. After High tension came and went, we left for the Ottawa for a couple days, then Lachine, then back to the Ottawa. All in all it was a really sweet trip, and thanks to Gragtmans’ Canadian heritage, everything went very smoothly. Unfortunately the Lachine tape got messed up, so all the footage is from High Tension and McCoys. Enjoy! -Nathan Silsbee

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