Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Summer in Norway

Hi everybody.

Before I start to tell you guys about my great summer in Norway last year, I think it´s a good idea first to introduce myself. I´m in the German Riot Team for one year now and I´m also new to this blog here. My name is Timo Köster, I´m 26 and I live in Germany. Beside kayaking I´m trying to make my way at University, but that´s not that easy when you try to sit in the boat as much as possible ;-). I started paddling about 20 years ago. I´m kind of sitting in a boat my whole life, because my parents are also members in the local kayaking club.

Ok, before it starts getting boring for you, I will show you some pictures of my Norway trip last year. I think Norway is generally one of the greatest places in the world for excellent creeking. Luckily this spot is “only” 10 hours away from where I live. So in the summer time it became something like a “duty” for me to get there. Clear, cold water, slides and tons of waterfalls keeps you always smiling there. Have a look at the pictures and start also planing to get there if you have some time in June or July.

This one isn´t as horrible as it looks

The pool of this drop isn´t realy deep so your boof should work

Beautiful landscape everywhere

This one is the third of the famous 5 Drops on the Store Ula

See you,

Greets Timo

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