Friday, March 28, 2008

2007 skook stuff

HELLO everyone!

Dru and i had a wicked season on the sunshine coast last year. we got a ton of footage and only lost half of it...this video is made up of what was left over. Quality is not so great this time but its a crazy one! Our camera crew was laine and shana, they're the stars of the show!!

Highlights of '07 were watching the sea lions endlessly devourer fish in the eddy, insane phosphorescence under a full moon, trying to keep the surfers the fu*k away, tracking down stolen kayaks, surfing at first light Christmas day (we were the only ones there?), and just having a great time with everyone coming and going.

Sister Natalie and I. She is in the video too.. and she'll be at skooks a lot this summer :)

Micah and dru. Scary ride down the face.

thanks for checking style it out there....ya hear!!!

ms. emily

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