Tuesday, March 25, 2008

winter boating in germany and austria

hi everybody!

it's snowing again!
the word is that it's been the coldest eastern in a hundred years or so around here. AAAHHH!
but there still is hope!
actually we've been out quite a lot!
i've been creeking, playboating, partying, so i won't complain at all!
due to the winter i haven't paddled my magnum for almost four months, and i almost forgot how good it feels! this boat is simply the most predictable and sporty creeker i can imagine.
and the astro is: well, the astro! going huge, stable, comfy...

oh wait, do you wanna hear more?
if i have some pics?



you're welcome!

we spent a night in that car!
rissbach - photo jensklatt

more rissbach - photo jens

roemerfall - photo mathias raabe
same drop, same photographer

washing machine, augsburg, loop paddleswitch
photo micha schomann


dto no PS

hmm, hope that was enough for now! full stories are to be found on bootfahrer.blogspot.com
guess i'll go back to the washing machine asap! good to go boating every day again!


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