Thursday, July 05, 2007

Burlfest update Number 2

Ladies and Gentlemen of the paddling community

All I can say is that a lot has happened since our last Colorado update. We've been all over the state, paddled some big s&*t, met some crazy folks, and even broken an axle on our trailer. I could list all the rivers we've done, but then you all would just get jealous. So instead, I'm just going to give you, our faithful readers, a small sampling of our awesomeness. So put on those crazy pants and away we go...

Above we have two pics of Clear Creek of the Arkansas taken by Nathan Silsbee. This little creek runs into the Arkansas right above the town of Buena Vista. It has a super easy shuttle, and has two gorges that offer some classic read and run class IV/V whitewater. Cooper Lambla is on the left, and I am on the right.

After clear creek, we needed our freestyle fix and headed down to Salida for a little playboating. Above I am in mid super power jedi screw. If you don't what that is, then you don't understand.

After we'd had enough of the Buena Vista/Salida area, we headed back north to the front range. Our first stop was the Eldorado Canyon of Boudler Creek. Nathan charged it. I on the other hand, did not.

After Eldorado Canyon, we continued to charge northward into the Poudre drainage. While there, we ran Spencer Heights, the narrows, and the Joe Wright creek. As you can see from the pictures above, it was a burly burlfest.

So paddling is cool, but what's even better than paddling is running over things with your trailer, and then breaking the axle on that very same trailer. As you can see above, I ran over Shanes box of trinkets with the trailer. If you look even closer, you can see that the hub on the trailer has come apart and the wheel is grinding away at the axle. We did not see this when that photo was taken. We decided to notice the problem on the dirt road that runs parallel to Yule creek. Needless to say, it was a burl of a fest. We ended up driving many hours and spending many dollars to replace the axle. Did we learn anything? No.

Stay tuned for the next update which will include Yule creek and candid photos of Chris Gragtmans running on the beach.

I'm out.

Dave "El Caballero" Finney

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