Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Colorado 2007...

Hey Sports Fans,

Well I recently returned from an incredible trip to the Western US, and just wanted to share a couple of pics and video from the first stop of our trip... Colorado.

Watch the Colorado Tour Vid.

Woohoo made it!!

Lake Creek. This was one of the more stressful rapids of the trip... big entrance drop before it fires around the corner into Paralyzer Rapid.

Photo by Josh Werts.

Moving left in the thick of Paralyzer, below the double boof, above the huge pillow rapid run-out.

Photo by Josh Werts.

The put-in for Oh-Be-Joyful Creek, 10,500 ft elevation. The Magnum took good care of me out there...

Photo by Dylan Bruce

Dylan Bruce post-styling Stupid Falls on the Upper East River.

Photo by Jim Toman.

Watch the Colorado Tour Vid.

Peace, and good lines out there! Upper Cherry Creek update/video coming soon.
Chris Gragtmans


Ben said...

Hey nice vid, glad you're ok. Who does the song you played?

Chris Gragtmans said...

Hey Ben,
The song is "City Life" by Mattafix.