Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Van Down by the River Tour 2007

Yep. Summer time and the livin's easy. I'm taking the big step and moving into an '85 VW Vanagon I just picked up from a friendly chap just down the road. With the help of the good people at Thule I am putting it up with a full rack as well as building in a bed, propane stove, a solar shower, and all-conditions outdoor kitchen. All the comforts of a modern home. I'll be touring with some infamous locals a lot this summer to events, festivals, put ins and take outs so keep an eye out for a shedule to be posted soon. Power to the people: coming soon to a river near you

In the meantime, I've been putting the magnum through its paces on a couple more great local runs. Witness the sickness:

A sweet launch pad on Copper Creek WA Photo: Brian Little

Pulling it through on Canyon Creek WA Photo: Turin Hill

So watch for the van at your local run and stop by for a chat, tour, or a nice solar shower.

Keepin it eye level


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Jeff said...

Lichtenled is 'da bomb. You actually read these comments? If you do, shoot me an e-mail: I'm going to be back in Montana this summer

peace my friend. keep up the good work. I can't find your blasted e-mail address