Friday, April 20, 2007

Five new videos

Lately, our team has been so busy paddling and posting here on the blog that I've hardly had a chance to squeeze a post in. I'm not going to write much but wanted to give links for five new videos I have posted within the last month. These are all off of youtube. I like youtube for archiving my web videos but the image quality really suffers. My newest video (not on youtube) can always be seen at this link, , presented by Mion Footwear. I update this link with a new video, usually once a month.

You can always visit my youtube channel at

About a month ago I put together what I called my 2006 in Retrospect, which is just a collage of paddling shots of me from last year, + a quick slide show of my little boy at the end. What a great year.

Then, I had saved up a decent amount of footage from a few rivers in the Western North Carolina area. All of this was shot in December and January on the Rivers Linville, Toxaway, Green, Big Creek and Raven Fork (Raven footage by Nick Earquhart)

I spent a nice day down at the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte NC back in January. I decided to take the Thunder for a drive around the course with my headcam. This gives a quick tour of the place without any stopping between rapids. It's been a while since I've paddled the Thunder. This litte jaunt reinforced to me just how ideal the Thunder is for the paddler who just wants to cruise and maybe surf a wave or two, or for the beginner who needs something predictable, stable and easy to roll. For a small person, say 115-130 lbs, I think the Thunder would be a good creek boat.

We did a blog post on the NAWFest and the first stop on the Riot Karaoke Tour and we showed this video. Here that is once again. I had a great time at NAWF. Those guys know how to host a great event.

Finally, I just posted a video of some of the finest play spots the southeastern US has to offer. It shows the Saluda River in Columbia SC at a couple different flows. This place is without a doubt the best play river around here. Then, it shows only a couple shots from Eternity hole on the East Fork of the Tuckaseegee and lastly several shots from the quarter mile hole at the Nolichucky. This has lots of Team Riot paddlers tearing it up.

Please enjoy all of these. Later,

Spencer Cooke, Team Riot

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