Monday, April 30, 2007

Tygart River Photo Bonanza...

This is the Arden section of the Tygart River (WV) in all of its glory. Here are some photos of the river and a bit of video. Enjoy!
Adam Freewheeling Moats Falls (1)
Adam Freewheeling Moats Falls (2)
Can you see me? Dropping into the depths of Undercut Rapid.
Boofing Moats Falls
Cleaning it up at the putin.
Getting some loop time in the Astro 58.
A cool shot from the Bridge
Nothing like a good ol' ender.
Resurfacing from Undercut Rapid.
Moats Falls 3, Wide angle

To see a short Freewheel Clip, CLICK HERE

All photos and video by Ryan Busch and Barry Miller. Thanks for capturing the moment fellas'.

See you on the water,
-Adam Johnson

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