Friday, April 06, 2007

Flat Water Drills

Hey everyone, it is starting to warm up, so it’s not too bad when you get your face in the water. I have a few tips and a drill that can greatly help with flat water cart wheeling technique and improve edge control for flat water and hole moves.

A problem most faced by paddlers trying to learn flat water moves is getting the bow or stern under the water with out pulling the boat on top of yourself or falling forward on to your face. A good way to learn where your boats balance point(the angle of your boat in relation to the water where the boat wants to neither fall forward or flatten back out)is to try a drill called pivoting.

To bow pivot you sit flat in your boat and place your paddle in the water a little farther back than your body. By doing this you are twisting your torso storing energy like a rubber band.

Once you have your paddle positioned, you edge your boats bow down slightly on the same side as your paddle and pull your paddle forward toward your toes, while you pull your paddle forward bring your body slightly forward as well to help steady yourself.

Once you have your bow about eight inches below the surface of the water, flatten out your edge and lift the knee up that is on the same side of your boat as your paddle. This will cause your boat to scoop under the water and pop up smoothly, if done correctly you should spin out of your pivot.

To stern pivot you place your paddle on the water near your feet on the opposite side of your boat as your bow pivot, again twisting you torso.

With the stern pivot you want to edge on the back corner of your boat that is on the same side as your paddle.
While sitting up slightly, pull your paddle back toward your stern, and just like your bow pivot, once your stern is about eight inches below the surface of the water flatten out your boat and bring your knee up to scoop your stern up, causing your boat to spin out of your pivot.

You can connect your bow and stern pivots once you feel comfortable with them separately. When you can do the pivots smoothly you can experiment with increasing the depth of the boats ends, and soon you will be flat water cart wheeling.

See you on the gnarr!
Alan young

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