Monday, April 30, 2007

Astro in the Ocean and on the River

I recently returned from the Santa Cruz International Ocean Surf Kayak Competition and had the opportunity to paddle my Riot Astro 58 at the World Famous Steamer Lane Wave. The sets that came in had some 8 foot + waves breaking right. Over the years, kayak ocean surf competitions have been dominated by fiberglass type kayaks, but now, plastic kayaks hold their own class of competition. My Astro 58 was great for aerial tricks, in fact, I got some of my biggest air ever in the ocean and in my Riot Astro.

What I like best about ocean surf kayaking is dropping in on a great wave and carving a fast bottom turn, feeling the speed of the wave and the occasional barrel ride. This trip concluded well for me and my Astro because I made it on the U.S. Ocean Surf Kayak Team (West) and will go to Spain to compete in the World Championships.

On the 20 hour drive back from Santa Cruz to Colorado somewhere in Utah, I saw a small creek with a little waterfall. My dad and I needed a driving break so we parked the truck off the side of the highway, ran the falls and got some pictures. There was no better place to take a break. The great thing is that I was in Santa Cruz carving turns on ocean waves and then just a few hours latter dropping off a waterfall in Utah all in my Astro 58 – Good Times.

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