Thursday, April 26, 2007

Neil's Point Wave

Do you like to surf? If so and you are in the Oregon's McKenzie Valley
you must check out this feature. Neil's point is one of Oregon's premier play spots. I have been hitting this wave up most days it has been a nice level and I've been able to sneak away from work. This spot is a gem, try it out if you get a chance. Neil's Point is a good wave to practice spins, clean spins and blunts. It will also serve up bigger moves too. It is easy to set up and has a retentive left curler made for throwing blunts.

Going for a blunt but getting more of a roundhouse. I need to have my left blade lower than my right to increase the vertical aspect.

Recently, I have been paddling the Flair more and more. This boat is short and fast which makes it more fun than a barrel of monkeys. I am impressed with how well the Flair lands tricks (it's retentive), and it has amazing speed for a short boat.

Local boy Mater, short for Tomater, and roommate Jay going for the double surf in the Astro 54 and 58.

Going for the blunt at Neil's Point. This wave is lots fun for both and intermediate and advanced paddlers. For somebody who is comfortable surfing a wave and wants to move into spins and shuvits, this would be a good choice. I can't imagine a better spot for working on blunts too. This wave is level dependent so check out the water levels before you go.

See You on the River!

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