Wednesday, January 02, 2008

NEW RIOT SEAT for... Magnum 80, Thunder 76, Astro 58 & Nitro 58

Hello Everyone,

Well, with the advent of the Magnum 80 and the Thunder 76 in a couple of weeks' time, I figured some of you might want to know about one of the outfitting changes that is occurring in some Riot boats. A new seat, built to be released with the new river runner and creek boats this Winter will also be implemented into our existing "big-boy" boats, the Astro 58 and Nitro 58.

Here is a picture of Charles from the Riot Factory working on the large seat.

One of the most important things about designing boats for different people is that everything needs to be adjusted proportionately, including the outfitting. In this case, the larger Riot boats are designed to accomodate paddlers in the 180-250+ pound range, and the seat needs to fit those folks as well as the increased volume or length of the kayaks.

You can see from the prototype sketches that there is added length from front to back and side to side while still retaining the comfy, snug, fitting features of Riot's unique seat shape.

With Riot's already highly regarded outfitting this new seat will be warmly welcomed by larger paddlers who want to get into a Riot boat. That dream is now a reality.

I love Santie Clause,

Chris Gragtmans

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