Thursday, January 24, 2008

Early Morning Eternity

The morning after the Millrace Massacre I got up at 3:30 A.M. to head off in the freezing cold to Eternity hole. I picked up Alan and was on my way. We drove for 3 hours up the dark interstate till we came across Sylva, North Carolina. When we got to Sylva and looked at the temperature gage reading 30 degrees we decided to stop by Walmart to pick up some cleaning gloves. After we made our purchase we headed to Eternity. When we pulled to the side of the road at the hole we noticed that nobody was there, not surprising because it was only 32 degrees outside. Then we suited up and headed down the hill to the hole.

Alan Young throwing split-ends.

Andy Gates Looping.

Alan Young back-blasting for a Mcnasty.

After two hours of paddling in the freezing cold we decided to get out, not five minutes later the water started to go down.

Here is the video of Eternity hole.

Be safe out there.
- Andy Gates

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