Wednesday, January 09, 2008

hi everyone!

this is my first contribution to the infamous riot blog, so i guess at first i'll try to explain who i am and what i do.
sven perschmann, germany, 25 years old, former student of english and sports, kayakinstructor, raftguide and member of the german freestyle team since 2006.
at the moment i'm staying in augsburg germany, close to the alps, a nice playhole in town and a pretty damn cool scene to hang out with.
from spring on i'm gonna be back in canada, then chile, then...
i'm supported by riot kayaks, kober paddles and artistic sportswear as well as the ahoishop. though i do enjoy creeking a lot i'm in a playboat most of the time.
my weapons of choice are the Astro 58 and the Magnum 72 and yeah, i´m biased but both these boats just feel as if they were made for me. and that´s how a boat should feel, shouldn't it?
besides the riot-blog i'm trying to keep track with my boating on bootfahrer and ahoishop.
i wanna say thank you to arnd schaeftlein for hooking me up with riot as well as vincent normandeau and jeff rivest for the great support in canada and a super cool time.
okay, but now to my actual topic:


two weeks ago we were out in france for some bigwave riding and it was awesome.
la malate is one of europe's best and biggest waves, a super fast, glassy, steep, green wave feeding into a massive hole. quite intimidating at first but such a sweet ride.
i finally had my astro back out and i loved it!
but i think the pics and video speak for themselves...
thanks to Micha Schomann for the pics.

photography Erin Rayton

peace, out

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