Monday, January 14, 2008

In Search of Flight

There is something euphoric about getting air in a kayak. That feeling keeps you coming back time and time again in search of mankind's fleeting desire to fly. The laws of physics prove themselves strong every time--but for that moment, when you are in the air, flying, you can get a taste of what people have been trying to do for centuries: Fly.

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Some have said that the New River Dries are the best waves in North America. I certainly have not found any better to date. This was an epic March 23rd, 2007 day. I left my hometown, snow pelting me in my face as I boarded my truck, and saw the temperature on the First Mountain Bank sign read "24 degrees". I then went to pull away from the light where I had stopped, which happened to be on a very slight hill, and my tires began to spin. I thought to myself, "Today is going to be a good day."

Adam Johnson in flight on the main feature.
The landing from the previous shot.
Two hours later I found myself in a surprisingly empty parking lot at the New River Dries Put-in waves. The level was huge. It was snowing and below freezing; yet, no one was there. I was shocked. I thought to myself "F#@%", until Ben Guska, Andrew Holcombe, and Yonton Mehler showed up shortly afterwards.
Andrew Holcombe skies an Airscrew part 1.
Part 2 of the Airscrew.
Holcombe with a backstab--a scary thing to do on this uncontrollable feature!
Andrew in survival mode taking a large bounce from the wave.

Part of the crew (from right to left): Yonton Mehler, Ben Guska, and John (?) from CO.
Soon we all put on the river. The day truly was a good day (as you can see). The photos say more than words ever can. A big thanks goes out to the Fayetteville crew for setting up the fire and filming (especially to Ben, thanks dude!).
Yonton goes big on a panam.
Clean Blunt!
Adam in the middle of a large panam.
Laid out: mid Airscrew
Ben Guska with a large blunt/panam off of the surfers left shoulder.
Andrew with another panam.
Until next time...
-Adam Johnson

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