Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Riot Gauley Marathon

A group of 13 determined kayakers from Charlotte, NC (my hometown) decided to start this year's Gauley Fest off with a bang. By bang, I mean a 26 mile jaunt down the white fluffy stuff know as the Upper, Middle and Lower Gauley. Seven of the 13 that put-on at the top were paddling Riot Kayaks. 6 Astros and 1 Nitro.

Some would say that a long-boat is more along the lines of the boat of choice to run 26 miles of river. Clinton Koontz says otherwise as he charges it through Iron Ring. Why take a long boat when there is so much play to be had? Clinton was in fact the one that suggested, "Why don't we all paddle Astros?" Sounded crazy at the time, but so did paddling the marathon.

Sanders, Josh, Andy, Ashley and Angela take a break to watch the may-ham at Diagonal Ledges. I think the wait in line to catch the wave was clocking in at somewhere around two hours.

Will White says, "This outfit is Hee Haw Jones approved!!!"

Big ups to everyone from Crown Town who took part in the big push. 7 1/2 hours later it was all worth it. Special thanks to Quay Hunter for getting everyone motivated early in the AM. As you can imagine, it was quite a task at the G-Fest!

Until next time, the fluffy bunny don't bite unless you make him stay up all night!

-Cooper Lambla

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Adam said...

Yeah Coop! That a fun intro to the Gauley. Hey diddle diddle...