Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Linville in the desert

Midsummer, Colorado was long gone and I was beginning to wonder if Asheville would ever see a drop of water again.

2 weeks later... Finally it rained.
Watch Spencer's video:

It dumped down, and Linville was looking like it might go. We decided it was now or never. Billy Murphy, Jesse Wilensky, Dylan Bruce, Chris Gallaway, Spencer Cooke and I headed up the mountain to go kayaking. The one mile hike-in seemed more painful then usual, as the thought of there being no water was on my mind. I was soon relieved when I heard Billy start yelling from below me. We had water. The run went well, and it was good to get on some natural flow. The Magnum was excellent for the narrow and technical moves that Linville has to offer. Here are a few shots taken by the famous hairy zombie killer. Also known as Jesse Wilensky.

This is a sequence of Spencer Cooke's new move... the rock bouncer.

"Fight Club" or something of that nature.

The melter downer. Babel Tower

Spencer on a no-name.

Over and out,
Nathan Silsbee

Flow Rider


RiotAJ said...


that last little bit about that dude and youtube is frikkin great. Best part of the vid right there.

Gauley season is upon us. Wicked.

Cooper Lambla said...

That "no-name" is called "China." Boof right, and you'll understand.