Friday, September 28, 2007

Black River NY

Draught+Cruncher+Voodoo=Lots of Fun!!!!

Well it’s been a crazy summer up here in the Northeast, with the lack of rain we’ve had compared to the water we’ve had the last couple of summers. Nevertheless we have been holding things down up here. During the weekdays in Rochester, NY we paddle Lock 32 whitewater course after work which gives us dependable whitewater 6 months out of the year. On the weekends we head up to Watertown, NY where we paddle a northeast classic called the Black River.

The Black has everything you could ever want during a summer draught. It offers class three and four rapids with a couple of class five lines thrown in here and there. Also it has a stout little waterfall with a huge re-circ that gets the heart pumping if you mess up your line. Also there is a huge hole named Cruncher that destroys rafts. A lot of the rafts are pulled out with the use of ropes. Most boaters freak out at the thought of even dropping into it or running the line that skirts it. My friends and I on the other hand have a couple of screws loose I guess. For some reason we find ourselves daring each other to drop it, in order to see who survives its wrath. Hudson River rafting gives us free shuttle rides because we deliver great entertainment for their guests.

With this blog I am including a video that shows our antics on the Black River. You will notice that there is a lot of carnage and yes there is a lot of voodoo dancing going on as well. For some reason whenever someone does a dance with sticks in their hands people get destroyed. Kayakers are not the only ones affected by the voodoo curse…we cast spells on the rafters too, so please enjoy our video of our summertime run in Watertown, NY

Black river+Voodo

This is Paul Twist Signing off for Team Riot


Pete said...

Now, that was cool...not only did I used to ride by Lock 32 on the Pittsford/Henrietta line to buy Atari games...but I've now got it in me to paddle the Black...good to see some stuff from back home.

danjocash said...

Nice video. You guys are crazy in all the good ways! We always enjoyed the manky carnage that y'all provided at Cruncher. See you on the river.

Cooper Lambla said...

Nice video, dudes!