Monday, September 10, 2007

Salmon River Gorge

The Salmon River rises on the south slope of Mount Hood, fed by the melting ice of the Palmer Glacier. From its alpine beginnings, the river flows swiftly south down the flank of the volcano, carving a maze of steep canyons in the soft pumice and ash that makes up the smooth south slopes of Mount Hood. Read more about the Salmon River Gorge at:

The Salmon River Gorge is said to be the Everest of Oregon Kayaking. It's a remote canyon with many waterfalls, clean water, and top-notch scenery. Check out the video.


Jay Gifford said...

Nice edit Jason! Can't wait to go back. maybe this fall.

Cooper Lambla said...

Is the L in Salmon silent? said...

Holy grammar Coopman! Whatever do you mean?