Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring is here.

Spring is not far away!

The winter is soon about to let go for us on the northern part of the planet. But here in Norway there is not any place to kayak yet. So I figured I had to shear the great summer we had last year with you. And for those of you interested in festivals and events around the globe, I`ll say a few words about the Voss Extreme Week.
As you might have heard, this year held the highest waterlevels we have seen as long as I have been in a kayak. The spring was cold and rainy, and the low temperatures made sure we had plenty of snowmelt even in August. And when the snow was gone, it started raining, raining and raining. Thinking about it, it feels as if the rain kept coming untill it started snowing in December
Yes, it was cold and rainy, and it sometimes took an affort to motivate yourself to go out and kayak. When the air humidity usually was above 80%, and the temperatures stayed under 15degrees C most of the weeks of the kayakseason, providing dry gear for the next day was a challange.
The wet weather cost the Norwegian society millions in flood damage and gave me a few nice infections, but it also gave us the most incredible kayaking season so far. Constantly high levels meant that at least 10 different rivers within an hour, was runable at all times. Me and Eirik Øvreeide spent the summer well, and got to run some of the rivers on higher levels than we imagined was possible.
The rain and snowmelt also made the Voss Extreme Week a exiting event. High levels provided spectaclular competitions. The week is held every year in the end of june. It includes, kayaking, rafting, skydiving, base-jumping, paragliding, hangliding, downhill biking and skiing. People meet to compete or just enjoy their sport for one week, only interupted by great conserts and other social happenings, every night. Check it out at http://www.ekstremsportveko.com/!!
Rain prevented us from taking our cameras out all the time. But we used the chances we got, and I thought I would shear some pictuers with you folks. Hope you enjoy them!! (For more info, pictures and videos from the Voss area, check http://www.vosskajakkklubb.com/!!).

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