Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Closer Look at the Astro

Ever since the Astro came out, I have felt that there has been a significant lack of photo representation of the boat itself. Granted, there has been lots of paddling photos and videos from various individuals; however, the exposition of just the boat and its form is helpful as a guide when finding new boats to try or demo. So, here are just a few photos for those of you who have wanted to see the design of the boat:

Front and Side Profiles...

A look at the top and bottom. Notice the flashy "flames" on each of the sides. Very cool...

The foot area of this boat is actually quite roomy. I had heard rumors of it being smaller and not for bigger people. This is not true.

In fact, this boat is very comfortable . I have size 11 feet, 32" inseam, and find this boat to be amazingly comfortable with lots of room for the feet.

Notice the new design for the rails. Somewhat of a combination between the Air's side-cut edge and the Inferno's more traditional underside edges.

A couple noticeable improvements for the outfitting: On the left, notice the backband has been attached to a large black plate. This makes it very easy to adjust and move in order to access the storage area in the stern of the boat.

A small change with the supplied hip pads: Now the Velcro attachment on the bottom of the pad attaches to the sides of the seat, instead of under the seat pad, where the Velcro was easier detached from its female counterpart.

It is obvious that Riot put much time and effort into the design of the boat, and made a few key tweaks to the outfitting. Overall, a very solid design. It seems to be a combination of new ideas blended with the classic Disco. Riot has created a boat that will air it out as well as throw down in whichever hole you choose (this boat is easy to huck and loop).

For more information on the Astro, visit Riot's new and improved website at or for the Astro.

Also, check out the Astro review in Canoe & Kayak's new issue of Whitewater.

For a look at the Astro in action, check out this video that Spencer made Monday; it's a 45 second video of the Astro at Quarter Mile Rapid on the Nolichucky River in Tennessee.

So, now I wait for winter to end. Maybe we will have some warm (spring) days in March where there will no longer be ice and snow on the riverbanks and we all can get out and paddle. From West ‘By God’ Virginia, this is Adam Johnson signing out. See you on the river…

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