Monday, February 13, 2006

Riot movie stars

Check out the new!

Back in September I filmed in Scotland with the BBC for the Adventure Scotland show which was broadcast to the British public the other day. Each show covers two outdoor sports, one which is fairly developed and well know, and one which is young and new - this is where the Freestyle paddling came in.

It was excellent to get our sport out on public television and also a great experience filming with those guys. They had some wicked equipment, the only thing they lacked was a waterproof bullet cam which provided some amusement when I ended up with a £3000 camera in a housing strapped to the front of my Flair with ducktape!

Unfortunately I can't publish any pictures or footage at the moment as I was not allowed access to them before the show was broadcast but hopefully they'll get some to me soon!

I'm pretty excited sitting at my computer typing this as i'm off to Africa in 5 hours!

Have fun and Check out the new!


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