Thursday, February 09, 2006

Joey Hall and Riot Orbit in Fortress catalog

Thank you for holding your applause until the end of the blog post.
There's a new watch company called Fortress that sponsors Joey Hall, Chris Gragtmans and myself.
Here are we three. We probably knew exactly what time it was in the picture, thanks to our unmatched watch reading skills. Actually, Chris can't read his watch because it's not digital, but he thinks it looks cool.

Fortress recently released their 2006 product catalog featuring a closeup of Joey in the Riot Orbit.
Here is it. You can request your own copy from Fortress and Joey will be signing autographs after school at the mall, beside Sbarros Pizza and Cinnabon.

All those Columbia, SC Saluda Boyz should be real proud of Joey. The photo is from the hole over on the creek beside Millrace at the Saluda. Joey grabbed that hole around the neck with his bare hands and told it who was boss. Ghhyyyyeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!! That's "Yeah!" in the language of the Bro, or Brohyme as we call it. There are various acceptable spellings depending on what part of the country you're from. The number of times you repeat each letter determines how stoked you were at the time that you yelled the solemn battle cry of Yeeaaaahhhh!!! See, that time I wasn't nearly as stoked, nor were my bros. But clearly you could see that due to the fact that I started the word with a Y instead of a hearty G, and I used way less exclamation marks. Come back next week and we'll show you how to say "heehaw" and really mean it.

Also, here are a couple video shots of Joey surfing the Turbo 52 in the ocean last week. Joey likey Turbo. It fun. clank here to see duh video!


Spencer Cooke, Team Riot

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