Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Thigh Braces in Riot Boats

Riot has new and improved, adjustable thigh braces being shipped in all the 2006 boats.
See the thigh brace video...CLICK

Made of hard plastic, it is very rigid yet it still has a soft piece of foam on the bottom for comfort.

Slots are predrilled giving the thigh brace over an inch of back and forth adjustment.

Up to six additional inches of back and forth adjustment are allowed due to the four predrilled holes in the thigh brace tab.

All you need to adjust or move the thigh braces is a philips screwdriver.

Slightly loosen the bolts to adjust the angle of the thigh brace. To do so you may need to put your finger in the round hole to hold the nut on the bottom of the screw.

Easily adjust to your personal comfort.

For safety make sure you can easily get your legs and feet out of the boat.

After that you should be ready to go have fun.

See the thigh brace video...CLICK


Spencer Cooke, Team Riot


andy said...

Can these be bought and fitted as a replacement for the swivelling type on my magnum?


RiotAJ said...

Yes, just email Riot and they can send them to you (