Monday, January 09, 2006


It's almost been a year since Dru and I left -20 degree Vancouver for Uganda. Oh how I wish we were leaving for the warm Nile waters again. We stayed in Africa for five months and it was not nearly long enough. We got quite attached to Nile Special mainly because we hit prime water level conditions during our awesome stay at the Hairy Lemon (rock on Rob, Erin and Austin) and big waves are addicting. You haven't had a real taste of Nile Special until you've seen the green monster stage, unbelievably fast and bouncy. It takes the reflexes of a mongoose to throw down when this feature is primed up. And when you do connect on the timing there is the potential to go absolutely huge. Check out the video dru put together of some of our Nile Special footage. A huge thank you to Riot Kayaks who designs the boats that are the future of aerial kayaking. And a hell of a nice try to Nimbus paddles who sent us with five paddles to Uganda of which only one survived (mine). Enjoy my photos too!! Peace out.
Click to view the video (WMV format)

sunset (sunrise?) from the Hairy Lemon campsite

dru- skirt popped and sinking

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