Thursday, December 29, 2005

North Carolina action

Last spring, me and a group from Quebec leave the snow to enjoy the beautiful river of North Carolina! That was a good place to test our Magnum! We've been there almost 4 weeks so we had plenty of time to test our boats! The Magnum is a awesome creeker, easy to boof, easy to turn, good acceleration, good edge on the stern so you don't miss a eddy turn... Perfect fun!!! During this trip, we had the chance to paddle with Chris G. and many others paddlers from the area, We had a great time!

As usual, we take some video footage! Me and my friend dominic Fournier (also member of the Riot Team) produce a video every year. Those video are there just to show the different rivers in our area, or to show some good paddling destination! So our friends don't have to paddle the same river over and over again!

So, here some pictures, we're going to work on our video this winter, is gonna be ready next spring! (by the way, if you want to see some action from North Carolina and also from Mexico or Quebec , go to

and click to download some preview.

By the way, we are goiing back to Noth Carolina and West Virginia next spring, so you're more than welcome to join us! And if you plan to paddle one of our creek in Quebec, just send a email! We already had a lots of snow so expect a good creeking season!


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