Friday, December 09, 2005

Rock Slide at Wilson Creek Revisited

Greetings citizens.

Watch the Wilson Creek Rock Slide Video

Joey and I went over to Wilson Creek last week, a few days after Chris and I had run the Elk at high water.

Joey freewheels

An off the Rock Helix I did

The level was around zero, so we were catching the tail end of the precipitation from earlier that week. We took the Inferno and Orbit down the river. My friend Todd Zarzecki, a Raleigh NC local, joined us as well. Of course, we stopped at the big sliding rocks at the end to try some tricks. I don't often have the opportunity to surf big, fast waves. If you live around the southeast you know it's mostly small hole play. That said, this rock slide at Wilson Creek has got to be the best practice for big wave play moves you could get without a big wave. The speed at which you hit the water sends you skipping, as long as you have your edge up. Edge down results in an equally fast windowshade. Next trip you take to Wilson Creek I recommend you try this in a creek or play boat. The best spot is right at the end of the run, before the railslide rapid.

Enjoy the Video and photos.

Later on,

Spencer Cooke, Team Riot

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