Thursday, December 22, 2005

Magnum on California creeks, reportedly satisfactory.

Our friend Dan Glauser sent us some info and pictures about his buddy, Tim Robinson, who recently bought a Magnum and is loving it.

These guys went on a California creeking trip this summer and apparently Tim was styling everything so well that few of his group could keep up with him in his Magnum.  "Looks like a good boat," according to the rest of the group.

Here is Tim on the Middle Kings. 

There were only three guys in the group on the Middle Kings so taking pictures was a bit of a chore.

Here is a pic of Tim on the South Merced.  Apparently this pic was his first day in the Magnum.

Tim used to be the climbing instructor for Camp Carolina.  He moved out west and did a lot of climbing, including numerous assents of El Cap.  On the river he can pretty much climb around anything, an invaluable skill to have on expedition runs.  He may even have the speed record on the hike into the Middle Kings, he did it in one day taking about eight hours with no mule or other support.
Here is Tim in his element, doing what he loves. Mid hike on a Middle Kings Expedition.

These photos are courtesy of Chris Harjes and Christian Magallanes. Thanks fellas!

Later, Spencer Cooke

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