Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pommies Uganda Trip - Nile Special

In October 2005 Ed Smith and myself flew out to Uganda to spend 2 months paddling Africa’s White Nile, we ended up having an amazing trip so here is a picture report on our time spent at Nile Special.
Some of the birds around the lemon

Ed in a cool looking pose
Me chucking a nice panam
Ed throwing an awesome backstab!

We split our time river running the top section staying at Nile River Explorers campsite and playing on Malalu and Nile Special whilst staying on the Hairy Lemon Island.

Even surfing around on Special is fun!
Ed in a sweet pistol flip
Me going for the BigMAC

Nile Special is one of the gems of the White Nile and we were lucky enough to spend a fair chunk of our Uganda Trip camped out 10 minutes from the infamous Wave…needless to say we made full use of it!

Ed shooting some film
Me hucking a really sweet backblunt!
Ed going huge!

The Wave works best when the water is low usually in the mornings as it is at its greener levels then and is perfect for launching some huge moves!

One of the local kids with Ed's helmet on
Cool shot of me
Trying my hand at bodyboarding
Ed huge Misty Flip!!!

Both me and Ed took Riot Astros with us and they rocked out there so rather than tell you how good they were we thought we would show you with a little film I made (needs Quicktime 7);

Right click save target as on

have a good one,


Me and Ed doing our best goofy impressions hehe!

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