Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Team Riot does well at the Iceman Championships

Team Riot members Chris Gragtmans, Spencer Cooke, and Joey Hall put in a good showing at the 2006 Millrace Massacre and Iceman Championship race

Held in Columbia, South Carolina, on the Saluda River, this race features 3 different categories.
The Millrace Massacre is a time trials for boats 8'6" and under, with several must-make eddies.

The top ten finishers in the Massacre then compete in a short boat head-to-head race which also features must-make moves.

The final race of the day is the Iceman Championship, which is a mass start downriver head-to-head race with no length limit that also involves paddling back upstream, running, and even swimming.

Congrats to the Riot boys on their finishes:

Millrace Massacre time trial:
Spencer Cooke - 1st place - Museum quality replica Riot Glide prototype
Joey Hall - tied for 2nd place - Riot Magnum
Chris Gragtmans - 5th place - Riot Magnum

Short Boat Head-to-head:
Joey Hall - 2nd place - Riot Magnum
Spencer Cooke - 3rd place - Riot Glide proto

Iceman Championship:
1st Chris Gragtmans
2nd Spencer Cooke

The guys will be posting videos and photos from the event soon.

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