Sunday, June 01, 2008

South Silver Goodness

After a heat wave and some high levels, flows have dropped off a bit here the the northern Sierra.  No worries though, because when most runs are too low South Silver is perfect! My old paddling parter Tim Robinson recently returned from a two year hiatus in Australia, and was all too happy to brush the black widows out of his familiar Magnum and join me for a run down a 700' per mile whitewater theme park.

Tim Robinson and Ben Zuppo demonstrate their blue angel style of paddling

What happens when you run Boof, Boof, Slide without a Magnum

And Boof, Boof, Slide with a Magnum

Tim Robinson running Skyscraper

Yours truly running Skyscraper.  Photos courtesy of Ben Zuppo.

After Skyscraper and Off Ramp we were all happy and relieved.  Most everyone's lines were really good, and while the rapid isn't really that difficult, being a little off line can turn bad here rather quickly.  

But even with that notable challenge behind us, several impressive rapids like Ankle Breaker and Plastic Surgery were still waiting for us downstream.

Tim Robinson on one of the drops above Ankle Breaker

Tim fires up Plastic Surgery

Yours truly on Plastic Surgery for the crowd.  Photos courtesy of Ben Zuppo.

Fun times for all!  It sure is nice to have a gem like this in my back yard.  

Thanks to Joe Bosquin for the good beta, Ben Zuppo for helping out with pics, and the Sacramento paddling community for setting lots of safety.

How Tim likes to unwinds after a good day of paddling:

Yours truly (junior) testing out some new outfitting

Thanks for stopping in, see you on the water!

Dan Glauser

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