Monday, October 29, 2007

Riot Kayaks on the CBS Early Show

Recently CBS' "Early Show" was broadcasting live from the US National Whitewater Center, here in Charlotte, NC. The show's weatherman, Dave Price, was on-hand to lead the chaos on a soggy Friday morning.

Yours truly was also on location, representing in my Riot Astro 58, on national television. With all the spotlights, crowd noise and excitement in the air, it was hard not to get fired up to go boating, "in the name of kayaking."

On-water, complete and utter chaos ensued. When you offer free kayaking in an environment where it usually costs $15+, this is what happens. People are also stoked be on TV.

The banks of the ditch were lined with mad folks all screaming and yelling like kayakers were the modern day equivalent to The Beatles landing in America. Kayaking to America, we are here.

America, this is a kayaker...And your weatherman, see it's not that hard after all. Get U Some. Dave jumped into a boat and tooled around the eddy, to show off his skillz. Kayaking skillz. Weather predicting skillz. Num-chuck skillz. Liger drawing skillz.

Among the masses were some representatives from the Charlotte Bobcats. Troy couldn't focus.

Dave Hepp, water sports head dude-man at the Center, gave the event a thumbs up!!!

Thanks to Jeff and Lance out at the Center, for use of the pics!

Oh boy, smells like Bojangles. After the event, we hit the road and caught the last of the water on the Green that day. Paddling is fun, paddling and then paddling again at the Green is exceptional.

See ya'll on the tube.

-Cooper Lambla
Downstream Movement

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