Saturday, October 06, 2007

Photos and a Clip of Worldly Travels 2003-2007

Here is a video from some of my travels from the past few years. It documents travels from Africa, the USA, Chile, Canada, Ecuador, as well as several other places. Enjoy! (Note: if you are unable to see the embedded video, click HERE)Dropping off of Big Brother, White Salmon, WA
World Class Kayak Academy Van in the home state, West by god Virginia.
Adam Johnson boofs #5 on the Zambezi, Zambia, Africa
Adam Johnson looping in Right Side, Ottawa River, 2004.
Flipturn on the Dries of the New, Gauley season 2004.
Epic shuttle driving in Mexico for a playrun. 4 hours in, 4 hours out, +1 to the takeout.
Adam on Sunshine, Green River, 2003.


jimb said...

hope to see some video and picture of the bras du nord ouest (charlevoix) and riviere port au saumon

quebec rules

RiotAJ said...

Soon enough my friend, soon enough. Check for a few photos of that trip (and, if you look hard enough, you can find a whole gallery from a link that is on the blog).

jimb said...

at 1min 50 sec i think i saw david "the rock" laroche. at 2min 30 sec the view from the helmet cam is cool