Monday, February 12, 2007

The Ville

"All other kayaking is just training for the Ville," said Adam Herzog. He told me this right before I ran this spectacular gorge for my first time. Since that warm summer day I've been hooked on the Linville like no other. Every rain brings the question, "Is the Ville gonna' run?" At the end of Winter Break I was able to meet up with the likes of Spencer Cooke, Chris Gragtmans, Nathan Silsbee and Eric Chance to spend a pleasant winter day paddling our hearts out. I thought I'd share some photos of our excursion...

Nasty Nate hitting the transition in Cave Rapid. This-here rapid is one of my favorites and you don't see many fellers flicking their hips like Nasty does into that-there, rock spine.

The man behind the lens, the Cookemaster coming off the top drop, just about like a spider monkey does her.

Here's the spider monkey in it's natural habitat looking for the answers of life.

This is a picture from an earlier trip, of me running Drunk Tank. Drunk Tank is probably the scariest rapid of the day, due to the thin line between a cave and a hard place. If you are in the gorge, make sure you scout this one from the river left, lower rock and know where that cave is, you can't see it in this picture. Big Thanks out to Robin Betz for snapping this photo!

Robin also shot this photo of Mr. Dave Finney launching one off Babel Towers. When you run the gorge, you hike in and this is the first rapid you see. You put-in, and two strokes later your're at the lip; it's the perfect start to a rockin' day.

The MAGNUM, whip of choice for the day. Words don't describe the feeling of riding one of these puppies. Just go get you some!!!

Check out Downstream Movement for more Linville shots.

Cowabunga Dude.

Cooper Lambla


Annie said...

I like the last photo best. Damn talented photographer!

Nice matching boats! (Words of wisdom from a non-paddler.)

Berkeley said...

hey whos that cool girl in that back?

Chris Gragtmans said...

Coop you are my hero.