Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Turbo... tried and true

Hey Everyone,

Just reminiscing about the best year of paddling of my whole life, and figured I'd share some pics of an ultra-classic wave on the Black River in New York... Inner City Strife.

So one thing that I love about working with Riot Kayaks is the fact that their line is just so versatile... the boats cover the gamut of what anyone could possibly want in the world of whitewater, whether that's a forgiving river runner, a full-on creekboat, a forgiving wave-oriented playboat, or a sick all-around aireal machine. and I've enjoyed being able to use the boats to learn different styles of doing the same tricks, or running my favourite rapids. The Turbo is a perfect example... this boat has been around for a couple of years, but can still absolutely kill it on a wave.

The boat has a narrow hull, and two stingers leading up the stern, so its specialties are the airscrew, helix, and backstab/back panam. The thing just launches backwards...

Clean blunt.

And another backy...

all pictures by Fergus Coffey

Anyways, Happy Birthday everyone, and good lines.

-Chris Gragtmans


Nathan Silsbee said...

nice face on the clean blunt there champ

Aaron said...

Inner city is no doubt the place to be when it rains in NY. P.S. The top photo is by Tino Specht. Just want to give a brother his due.