Friday, February 23, 2007

Riot boys do well at the Iceman Race

The Millrace Massacre and Iceman Championship is a race held in Columbia SC on the Saluda river every January. This race has been organized since 2001 by Andy Grizzell, and draws a bigger crowd year after year.

There are two main races. The first, the Massacre, is a time trial that has required eddy catches, and is limited to shorter boats. The second race, the Iceman, is a mass start head to head race that involves paddling Millrace rapid, attaining back up the current, running back to the top of the rapid, paddling through again, and finally swimming with boat and gear the last hundred yards or so. People compete in everything from sea kayaks to slalom boats to canoes to tandem sit on tops.

Team Riot fared well at this years race, with lots of top finishes:
Massacre Time Trials (top ten finishes):
1. Andy Grizzell 2:16
2. Cooper Lambla 2:20 (Riot Magnum)
3. Alan Young 2:27 (Riot Magnum)
4. Bigtime 2:30
5. Joey Hall 2:31 (Riot Magnum)
6. Regan Norris 2:33
7. Andy Gates 2:36 (Riot Magnum)
8. Kevin Ryan 2:40
9. Daniel Stewart 2:41 (Riot Magnum)
10. Matthew West 2:52

In the Iceman portion of the race, Cooper Lambla blew the competition away to earn the crown of "Iceman 2007"
Here is a video of the Massacre and Iceman

The highlight of the day was an additional suprise head-to-head Inner Tube race, featuring the top 10 paddlers from the Massacre time trials. Hilarity ensued....
View it here:

Here are a few more pics:

Daniel Stewart

Andy Gates...Wondertwin #2

A confused Cooper Lambla

Alan Young...Wondertwin #1

Oneself....I managed to tear my shoulder up even worse that day.....

The pack during the beginning of the Iceman race

Coopster making his move to the outside

Cooper Lambla....Iceman Champ....and proud American

Joey Hall

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Cooper Lambla said...

Great Event, Joey. Can't wait til' next year!!!