Tuesday, May 16, 2006

James River Riot Demo with Appomattox River Co.

Joey and I blazed up to Richmond VA last week to see our friends at Appomattox River Company and paddle some Riot kayaks on the James River. First let us thank Vickki, Mary and Daniel for helping us out with shuttles and huge thanks to Vickki for shooting the photos and video at Z-Dam with her digital camera.

Richmond's paddling scene is weird. They have river gangs. We had the privilege of meeting the Corn Youth Alliance (We have no idea, don't ask us. It's a group of boaters) and Team WAV. We don't know what the Corn Youth Whatever does. We think they might be throwing star experts or something. We have some people looking in to it. Team WAV are a bunch of bigshots too. They pulled up in this luxury, paddle sports, battle wagon, short bus thing and like fifty dudes got out of the van with their gear on and boats in hand. It was like a circus where that little car has like ten clowns in it. Well anyway, we got to paddle with four or five of those guys. The rest of them scattered into the jungle as soon as we saw them.

So, I paddled at ZDam with Doug, I think they call him Fat Doug, and this other guy... well, Guy. We played there for half an hour or so. Everyone kept saying how low the river was for ZDam. I think it was around 4'6"? I've played there several times before and I must say that this was by far the best level I've been in that hole. Loops are better and bigger and the hole is way stickier but friendly. And you can paddle out easily on players right.
This was Fat Doug in the hole in the Flair 47.

And Guy in the Turbo 52 going for a loop.

This was me going for a loop.

Right hya is a video that Vickki shot of a short ride of mine. click here to see it Qucktime format 4.2mb

Then we paddled the downtown section with a large group. This section is always fun and on the same token it's always strange for me to see sky scrapers in the background of class III or any class whitewater. There was a small hole above Hollywood Rapid. I forget the name but it was a tiny little pocket that you could go left and right in.
Here is Joey enjoying it.

and myself enjoying it

and this is later when boy did I ever pull a crazy joke on Joey. Those rabbit ears are a hoot. Whooh! He was sooo upset.

Come paddle with us on June 3rd on maybe the Ocoee or Chattooga. We're doing a demo with The Outside World in Dawsonville Georgia. I think we'll be meeting at the store that morning and leaving from there.

Then, the next Appomattox demo is July 22nd. You can call either store to find out details.

Thanks and have a great day.

Spencer Cooke, Team Riot


Julie said...
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Julie said...

Hey Spencer - great to meet you guys - thanks for coming up and showing us some awesome moves! Admittedly, the CYA looks a bit like a group of ragtag kayak serial killers, but really, we're not. We fight international crime and bring justice to the injusticed. And occasionally, we kayak.

Come back and see us soon!