Sunday, May 28, 2006

Consumer review on the Riot Orbit - by Craig Crouse

Here is a consumer review of the Orbit that came to us from Craig Crouse of Washington DC.

" The Riot Orbit is an awesome playboat for just about everything, IMHO. I'm 5'9 145 lbs, size 9.5 feet. Designed primarily for Holes it still seems to hold it's own on a nice wave, it carves very aggressively and has some really great bouncing action. Bow stalling, for me, is just a little bit harder than other boats but that's because this boat is designed to go BIG and it can catch absolutely HUGE air on even little holes. Something about the way the volume is distributed I think. Once I found my balance point the Orbit seemed to hang out fine on end, if my flatwater loop was there this thing would be a cinch to throw around like that. As far as river running is concerned this boat is pretty good, at least I think so, I've had it down the New River Gorge, Upper Gauley, Lower Gauley, the Upper and Lower Yough pretty much most of the runs in the Mid-Atlantic, I'm not saying it's made for this stuff (especially the creeky stuff and other technical runs) but I managed to get down and hold my lines pretty well sometimes on high water runs it can feel like you're bobbing around, but I think that's the case with most spud boats. Most of all I think this boat has really helped me out with alot of skills and it's a great boat to boost your hole play, every little hole is pretty awesome in this." - Craig Crouse

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