Friday, May 12, 2006

Cali Dreamin and new location in Tahoe to Demo and learn from the pros!!

It was a somewhat slow begining and late start for winter snow here in Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mt. range. Thankfully we have welcomed over 25 feet of snow since the begining of March. Needless to say, the energy around the paddling community here is very high. Everyone around here was glad to exchange their skis or snowboards for their still wet paddling gear and head to Reno or the American basin for some spring training. There is a buzz in the air that the snowmelt this year is going to be more than exceptional. Since the winter came late, the creekin season will be a little later on the nicest warmest days of the year. This also means the sun will be melting the snow faster making for good high water runs. There are plenty of good warm-up runs around here like the Yuba's and the unknown Weber Creek, but the real goods are still cutting through walls of snow. Don't worry, it's been getting very warm here so all these runs will be good-to-go soon!! For now I'm content with playboating at the Reno Whitewater Park. And as far as playboating goes, the park at Reno is a breeding ground for new tricks and evolution in the sport of freestyle kayaking. Many Pros as well as the former World Champ live and train here full time pushing each other and the sport constantly. These days you need to be throwing combos of 2,3 or even 4 big tricks in a row. Soon competition rides in smaller features are going to consist of back-to-back big trick combos from the begining of the run to the end of the run. Where will the sport go from here? What I would like to see is a big wave riding Global Tour. Take the paddlers and the cameras to the biggest best spots in the world and have a points series competition just like in the sport of surfing. Keep all the regional competitions like they have now to earn points toward making the World Tour. This would make for more exciting competitions, bring out a higher level of paddling, and benefit the sport of kayaking all around. We also need someone to head up the charge to get Boater-X and Freestyle in the X-Games(hint,hint Riot).
Also thanks to High Sierra Adventure Sports(530)542-2565 in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Look there for the new line of whitewater and recreational kayaks. And soon, lessons from the pros.
All this daydreaming... I'm going boating!!

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